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MENU (all locations)

Note: Unique lunch menu's in addition to what you see below are offered at both the South Surrey (Morgan Crossing)  and the Southeast Vancouver (Ontario Street) locations.

  1. Espresso
  2. Espresso Macchiato
  3. Espresso Affogato
  4. Cappuccino(10 oz)
  5. Americano(12 oz or 16 oz)
  6. Latte(12 oz or 16 oz)
  7. Mocha(12 oz or 16 oz)
Hot Chocolate
  1. 70% cacao or 38% cacao(12 oz or 16 oz)
Drinking Chocolate
  1. 70% cacao (10 ounce) (with or without espresso)
Blended Drinks
  1. Blended Iced Coffee(12 oz or 16 oz)
  2. Blended Iced Chocolate(12 oz or 16 oz)
  3. Blended Iced Mocha(12 oz or 16 oz)
Clover Brewed Coffee
  1. Coffee by the cup, fresh ground and brewed on demand
  2. Check our daily Fresh Sheet.
  3. Choose by region, or flavour profile.
Whole Beans
  1. Delicious whole beans for espresso and brewed coffee.
  2. 1/2 Pound or 1 Pound
  1. Substitute Organic Soy or Almond Milk
  2. Add Organic Vanilla Syrup
  3. Peppermink™ any drink (spiked with organic peppermint oil)
  4. Cinnamink™ any drink (spiked with ancho and chipotle peppers, and cinnamon)
  5. Year round: Make any drink "on ice"
  6. Christmas: Make any drink with eggnog
Fine selection of:
  1. Mighty Leaf Herbal, Organic, Black or Green(16 oz or pot)
  2. Any Tea as a Fog(12 oz or 16 oz)
  3. Any Fog With Chocolate(12 oz or 16 oz)
Personal Fondue

Served up to one hour before closing. 70% cacao or 38% cacao with a selection of seasonal fruit.


Served up to one hour before closing. 70% cacao or 38% cacao with Graham wafers, marshmallows, and a mini hibachi for marshmallow toasting.

Naked Belgian

Plain and toasted.

Belgian Monkey Bananas, whipped cream, chocolate.

Tutti Frutti Seasonal fruit, whipped cream, chocolate.

Fruit Parfait

French vanilla yogurt

Seasonal fruit

Honey almond granola