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The Fondue Bar experience refers to a shared communal dish prepared at the table over a small burner. Fondue comes from the French, for the term “to melt”, and refers to the fact that the contents of the pot (in our case, delectable chocolate!) are kept in a liquid state so that you can dip an assortment of fruits, cakes or marshmallows into it.

Choose your Mink fondue from Milk or Dark chocolate. The Mink Café strives to use the freshest seasonal fruit for dipping. Please know that these selections will vary depending on the time of year.

Buy a set of fondue pots and a jar of fresh chocolate ganache at the Café and make fondue at home!

Broaden your fondue horizons with our signature mini hibachi that we will bring to your table so you can roast your own marshmallows and make the classic Canadian campfire experience - S'mores!.

Fondue and S'mores can be enjoyed up to one hour before closing time

"I like my chocolate relaxed and groovy"